All of our pets are fostered in private homes, and we need to respect their privacy. 
We are an all volunteer organization with our own families, pets and lives. 
Contact us through email, messenger, or the phone.

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KHS $40 spay/neuter program

We strongly believe that spaying and neutering pets is the best way to keep them healthy and happy and the best way to prevent unwanted animals in our community.   If you or someone you know can't afford to alter a cat or a dog, please consider our program for assistance.

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All of our animals are fostered in private homes.  If you'd like to meet a dog please fill out an application and we will schedule an appointment.




APPLICATIONS for adoption

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*Animal Protection is not affiliated with the Ketchikan Humane Society though we work cooperatively toward the common goal of improved animal welfare in Ketchikan.

All of our animals are fostered in private homes.  If you'd like to meet a cat please fill out an application and we will schedule an appointment - OR - stop by the Island to Island Pet Boutique to see if they are visiting.


Roger Rabbit is five months old, social and with tons of personality. Likes dogs and is fostered with a cat.  We are working on potty training and he will be neutered soon.



Be a foster family

Fostering allows animals to be raised or rehabilitated in a normal home environment giving them a better chance at a permanent placement.  It is a short term commitment that provides a lifetime of benefit to an animal in need.

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What We've Done

KHS has been rescuing since 2001 but formal statistics were not retained until 2009.  We estimate that 300+ animals were rescued in the first eight years.   

Since Dr. Marna opened Island to Island Veterinary Clinic in Ketchikan in 2012 we've been able to target feral cat populations in Ketchikan and offer a permanent low cost spay/neuter program.    In 2016 Stonetree Veterinary Clinic started participating in the low cost spay/neuter program allowing us to cover more animals and to get them in more quickly.

Animals Rescued since 2009:  1000+


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