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We now accept donations via credit card online!   Donate now to help abandoned and abused animals in Southern Southeast Alaska.  You can also make donations "In Honor Of" or "In Memoriam Of" another person or pet and have their photo featured on our website.  We can also send a note to the family recognizing your donation.   Helping animals in need is a nice way to remember or honor a pet or friend.

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Best Wishes from Alibaba and Flash

Best Wishes from Alibaba and Flash

Quality, compassionate care.

Quality, compassionate care.

pet of the week

This is Titan.  We can't figure out why this wonderful boy keeps getting overlooked. We love him so much, and want a great home for him. He's stolen our hearts in the time he's been with us. He's just a great All-American dog. He's small, so he's easily portable. He's sturdy, so he's not fragile. He likes people. He gets along well with other dogs. He is only four years old. He has great house manners. Titan would be a wonderful dog for any home with older children, or with a single person or couple. He is a little shy at first, but he takes almost no time at all to snuggle in, soak up the petting, and start to love you.

If you  are interested, download and submit an application!

Dog/Puppy Applications HERE!

Cat/Kitten Applications HERE!


We had an amazing turnout, a fun time and raised a lot of money for our future endeavors at Saturday's 4th Annual Autumn Auction.

A special thank you to our local artists who donated wonderful pieces for the auction:

Maida Marksheffel aka Maida Kelley

Local Art - (907) 247-4969 -

I am a watercolor artist, although I branch out when the mood strikes.  I have been teaching and painting watercolor for many years and it is the one thing that I do that brings me total happiness and relaxation. I have started selling my work downtown to the tourists who visit and it has been wonderful to meet so many lovely and gracious people. I so enjoy showing people the Alaska that I know and love.


Patricia Rose

P3 Graphic Communications - (907) 247-9008 -

I enjoy the challenge of graphic design. It’s a bit like piecing together a puzzle; combining and balancing varied elements of shapes, symbols, color, font styles, and the written word, to create pleasing and distinctive images of meaningful communication.

“Graphic design is a popular art and a practical art, an applied art and an ancient art. Simply put, it is the art of visualizing ideas.” – Jessica Hefland

I also teach art to children. It’s amazing to see each student’s progression and discovery through drawing and other mediums. They never fail to inspire and remind me that there is always something new to learn from creating art, at every age.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks,breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook


Lisa LeMay Doyon

Alaskan Shores - (907) 247-LOVE -

The water and land of Southeast Alaska are home to Lisa LeMay Doyon. Born to a long time Ketchikan family, she grew up on her family’s floating logging camp and turned the nearby beaches into her backyard playground. Her lifelong explorations of the seas natural bounties, low tide discoveries, and found treasures have inspired her to use the natural materials around her to create her unique and wonderful work.

Bull kelp, forms the basis of most of Lisa’s baskets, rattles and sculptures. Lisa embellishes each one-of-a-kind piece with kelp and glass beads, shells, glass fishing floats and anything interesting nature leaves on the beach for her! She also enjoys creating special orders for people using their own beach-combed treasures – a personal seaweed sculpture that will last a lifetime.

Her fish prints are made using the Japanese direct method, Gyotaku, of painting the entire fish, then laying paper over the fish and rubbing in the color with her hands.

Foster Homes Needed!

We are in desperate need of good foster homes.  If you can safely house a cat or dog for approximately 30 - 60 days, please fill out an application!  You provide the love, we provide the food and medical care.

  CAT Foster App    DOG Foster App

We've added Testimonials!

See our rescues happy in their Furever Homes.


Submit your testimonial and picture by emailing

What We've Done 

KHS has been rescuing since 2001 but formal statistics were not retained until 2009.  We estimate that 300+ animals were rescued in the first eight years.   

Since Dr. Marna opened Island to Island Veterinary Clinic in Ketchikan in 2012 we've been able to target feral cat populations in Ketchikan and offer low cost spay/neuters through her generous donations of services and facilities.

Animals Rescued* to date in 2014: 161
Animals Rescued* since 2009:  508

Feral/Low cost spay/neuters to date 2014: 60
Feral/Low cost spay/neuters since 2012:   372

*Rescued means rehabilitated, spayed or neutered if necessary and placed in a
permanent loving home.

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