Our Story


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi.

KHS Mission Statement:

The Ketchikan Humane Society is a 501‐c(3) formed in 2001 with the following primary goals:

- Help abused and abandoned animals in Southern Southeast Alaska find a second chance at a permanent loving home

- Reduce the population of unwanted animals through low-cost spay and neutering services in our community

-Work for stricter Animal Cruelty laws in the State of Alaska and in the Ketchikan-Gateway Borough. 

Our hope is to eventually eliminate killing as a method for controlling the number of unwanted animals in Southern Southeast Alaska and to hold those who abuse animals accountable in the justice system.


The Ketchikan Humane Society (KHS) is not affiliated with the Ketchikan‐Gateway Borough’s Animal Protection department but does have an agreement with the Borough allowing the Humane Society to adopt animals from the Shelter and allowing the Humane Society to give animals to the shelter if necessary.

All of the animals in the care of the Ketchikan Humane Society are spayed and neutered before placement and as much as possible are fostered in homes so they can socialize in a normal family environment and receive basic training.  This also helps us better assess the animals’ temperament.


Support Us:

The Ketchikan Humane Society is funded solely through donations and grants.  Your donation helps offset the cost of food and veterinary services for the animals in our care.  Thank you!

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