Mary Hailey made a donation to Ketchikan Humane Society in Memory of Elizabeth Harper.  Ms Hailey says Elizabeth Harper raised a lovely family and her daughter, Tammy, is her dearest friend.  We are happy to honor Elizabeth Harper's memory by putting this donation to good use.  Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness.  

Thank you Glyn Seaberg for your generous online donation!  Your thoughtful gift will help us spay and neuter more animals in our community which will help reduce the number of unwanted animals.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

We  received a donation in memory of Susan Wall.   We look forward to honoring her memory by using this donation to help an animal in need.

Special thank you to Marilyn Lee for making a donation to Ketchikan Humane Society in honor of Elena Rath's birthday.  This thoughtful gift will help provide medical care to and food to an animal in need.

Thanks again Glyn Seaberg for your ongoing support of our organization!  We make sure every donated dollar has a positive impact on pets in our community.